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We specialize in growing kale organically, and work closely with our other farmer friends to offer a wide range of other vegetables all organically grown in Malaysia.

Our journey in farming started in 2017, with an ambition to supply organic vegetables at reasonable prices to all Malaysians. Why? Because we all deserve fresh food that's free of toxic pesticides.

While its a fairly new journey for us, our biggest win is the exposure we give our kids. Knowing that we're giving them great hands-on experience and equipping them with the knowledge about our food supply chain, and the importance of taking care of our land for future generations.

Our hope with the farm is to not only be able to produce trustworthy veggies, which are free of pesticides and chemicals, but also to expose our family and friends to a way of life and heighten their appreciation for where our food comes from.

Brand new harvest
Bugs big and small
Happy eggs
Farm Views
Views at the farm
Pine Cones
Kale Galore!


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Quick walkabout through the farm, exposing our little ones to the different fruits and vegetables grown locally.

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Happy eggs

Chickens that roam freely on the farm producing happy, free-range eggs